Ramashram Bhumi Pujan

Ramashram Bhumi Pujan



Old Age Home

We all as sons and daughters have our prime responsibility to take good care of our parents and elderly in old age, To provide proper interaction, To provide timely medical advice and treatment and above all we all should think and align with them for their recreation and quality living.

We wish the society should be such that no old age home is required but coming to reality, we in our society have numerous problems in old age. Sons and daughters living out of town or country for work,Leads to parents left alone, facing security and other problems. Sons and daughters unable to earn sufficiently to take proper care of parents. Dispute with in family creates trauma and helplessness. Unavailability of quality medical treatment and medicines. Lack of work / job in old age gives the elderly a sense of being a burden to family.

Taking into consideration the above RCDC is coming up with a old age home , in which we will try to give reasonably good facilities and living environment to the elderly citizens at a very nominal cost. It will be our policy not to entertain those people who want to keep their parents in old age home for unfair reasons. Quality screening will be done, so as the facility is used by the real needy. Initial capacity will be 50 heads, and it will be reviewed later.

A temple, proper yoga and meditation centre will be made for spiritual learning. An in house dispensary will be maintained, with good doctors of Dhanbad visiting on weekends. An activity / vocational training centre will be run by the elderly people living there to be busy with work and earn their pride. Organic farm will be maintained to cut the recurring cost and to provide healthy good quality food. Mess will be maintained for balanced diet. 

We the members of RCDC will form a trust with three tier membership plan, so as to involve all the responsible citizens and to make a dream come true for our own Dhanbad. The trust will consist of members of Rotary Club of Dhanbad Central, they will take lead for concept to commencement of this project, and RCDC will be responsible for maintenance and day to day activity of the home.